Shitheap Gallery - Victoria/Vicky/Warmaiden Cahill 

Cahill is a Dublin born Nazi who has been an active nazi since the 1980's whe  she and a few morons tried to ape the English fascist skinhead scene with the shit nazi band "Celtic Dawn" for whom Cahill acted as fixer, building contacts with the British fascist  music organisation Blood and Honour. Now based in the USA, Cahill is involved in a weird female nazi organisation which provides support for incarcerated fascists.

Victoria "Vicky" Cahill

Proudly named after the Famine Queen, she is also the niece of slain Dublin hood Martin Cahill a.k.a "The General", a fact which when publicised outraged some of the more dimwitted fascist cretins as per the following exchange on a nazi website;

Fionncool: Whilst keeping an eye on the reds and a**holes at AFA I came across the most ludicrous of claims I’ve seen by them: That our fellow race patriot WarMaiden is The General’s Martin Cahill’s neice (sic). What will the lying morons come up with next?

WarMaiden: Well I am his neice (sic) "sorry" to disappoint you. My name being Vicky Cahill, Oh the shame lol.

Fionncool: Sorry about that. I thought it was all a wind-up. I should have checked it out first. No disrespect intended. Racial regards, Fionn."

"Warmaiden" Cahill dirtying the Irish countryside 

Bride of Dracula - at the coffin of David Lane

Cahill with Shawn McDonald, Canadian "Blood and Honour" organiser


 Beachscums - Horn salute with other Canada B&H members

Just emerged from their sewer, Cahill and McDonald again

Addressing the 12 attendees at B&H gig in Vancouver

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