Justin Barrett slapped in UCD

Wednesday 13th October 2004 proved to be an unlucky day for Justin Barrett, Ireland's media hungry anti-immigration campigner and not-so-closet fascist. AFA Ireland members  prevented Barrett from speaking at an 'Immigration Debate' in University College Dublin last night. A number of other people attending the event also joined us in preventing a platform being granted to Barrett.

While the stage was being stormed, two AFA members dealt with a couple of fascist sympathisers who had turned up to support their bog fuhrer and also ended up on the losing side of the 'debate'. One of them tried to claim he was an innocent student who had been assaulted but from AFA monitoring and information received over several years we know for a fact that this bonehead is a member of a 'National Socialist Black Metal' band calling itself 'Ketzer'. He is a frequent contributor to the openly Nazi 'Stormfront' website under the name 'Mythos'.

The 'No Platform' policy relates to ANYWHERE fascists may attempt to organise or spread their repugnant views. It is quite humourous to hear spokespeople for debating societies attempting to claim UCD as an ideological asylum where the likes of Justin Barrett can claim sanctuary. This is not the case.

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