Italian anti-fascists jailed as police do fascists dirty work

The long shameful record of Italian police sympathies with fascism has gone into overdrive recently, no doubt encouraged by the fact that the Prime Minister is a supremely corrupt fellow traveller of all things right wing.

On 1st May last in Naples, a fascist squad was allowed to confront marchers on the heavily policed May Day parade. As the fascists mouthed and threw confrontational shapes they were scattered by an alerted anti-fascist group attending the parade resulting in injuries to some of the fascists.

Police interest was only then aroused and over the last few months raids have been carried out with the resultant jailing of our comrade Antonio "Tonino" Mescia. Messages of solidarity and support  can be sent to Tonino at

Casa Circondariale di Napoli – Poggioreale
via Nuova Poggioreale, 177 – Padiglione Firenze
80143 – Napoli

A website in support of Tonino can be visited at

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