Racists 'run' in seaside battle
Sunday Life - 11th April 2004

ANGRY campaigners from a left-wing Ulster party, last night vowed to step up their campaign against racist thugs in the province.

The defiant plea was issued by the Socialist Party, after its members confronted figures from the shadowy White Nationalist Party (WNP), in north Antrim, last Saturday.

The left-wingers confronted the neo-Nazis as they distributed hate leaflets to homes, and also displayed racist banners. Although police were not called to the confrontation, it is understood there were minor scuffles between the groups, before the WNP members fled. The racists left behind their flags, and it is also believed they were later destroyed by their opponents.

The north coast is a stronghold for right-wing groups, including the WNP, National Front and the British Nationalist Party (BNP).

Last week's row erupted after we revealed, earlier this year, how the left-wing party had been caught up in south Belfast's race hate campaign. Campaigners from the Socialist Party were threatened, after distributing anti-racist leaflets, in the Donegall Road area. Racists - believed to be from the National Front - made phone threats warning party members to "stay away" from the loyalist stronghold. We also revealed how the WNP had claimed it was the "fastest-growing" party in the province.

A spokesman for the Socialist Party vowed to continue the party's anti-racism strategy, across Northern Ireland. Said the spokesman: "We had to keep our plans secret, because we did not want the WNP finding out about them. We are determined to combat racism in all its forms, and the best way to do this is to confront the racists head on, when they are distributing their hate literature. There was a bit of a scuffle in Portrush, but nothing serious, and it wasn't long before the racists were running from the area. They consider this area to be one of their powerbases, and they were completely shocked when our members turned up. Racism is a terrible disease in Northern Ireland, and our members are determined to continue the fight against it."

A police spokesman refused to comment on the row.

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