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 Gernika -75th Anniversary Commemoration in Dublin

April 26th 2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the fascist terror bombing of Guernica (Gernika in Euskadi), the symbolic capital of the Basque people, during the Spanish Civil War. The air raid is infamous both because of the deliberate, repeated targetting of the civilian population and as the first experiment in aerial terror by the Nazi Luftwaffe Condor Legion.

The Dublin Basque Solidarity Committee will be marking the anniversary in the Teachers Club on Friday 27th April and all anti-fascists have been invited to attend.


Sounds of Resistance are back!

Sounds of Resistance are back with a great line up this Xmas!!

Found on the Floor (Wexford Punk/Metal), Septic Pussy (Dublin Street Punk), Checkpoint (North Dublin Punk)

Thursday 22nd Dec 8.30pm - 1am
Admission - €5 unwaged, €8 waged

"Sounds of Resistance is a collaboration between AFA Ireland, the IPSC and the St. Pauli Supporter's Club Dublin. Once a month we bring you a night of bands, djs and stalls."

AFA cancel Trinity welcome for BNP
The recent invitation to BNP leader Nick Griffin to participate in a student debate by Trinity College Dublin's Philosophical Society was just the latest in a series of attention seeking stunts by our future political and corporate elite. However, it was AFA's intervention in the debate that got full marks.

Anti-Fascist Speaking Tour on
Recent developments in European Fascism

 Memorial to Brigadista Peter Daly unveiled
On Saturday 3rd of September at 6:00 p.m a memorial stone was unveiled in memory of Socialist Republican Peter Daly in Monageer (Enniscorthy) Co. Wexford on Saturday the 3rd of September 2011 at 6.00 pm. Peter fought with the Irish contingent of  the International Brigade in the war against fascism in Spain and died in September 1937.  He had been reared and went to school in Tinnacross and later Monageer.  His life was spent in the republican and working class movement in Ireland and England before volunteering to fight for the Spanish Republic.
The unveiling was followed by the launch of the Peter Daly Society the same evening which was attended by progressives seeking to promote socialist solutions to current problems by regular public debates/discussions in County Wexford.  The guest speaker at the launch was Spanish Civil War historian Harry Owens and the Cuban Spanish Ambassador Teresita Trujillo.  The evening's entertainment was provided by popular folk singer Pol Mac Adaim from Belfast.


 AFA honours memory of Bobby Sands

The 5th of May last was the 30th anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands, peoples representative, republican soldier and staunch anti-fascist. While most remember his memory with dignity, fascists have recently been abusing the name and image of Bobby Sands to further their attempts to recruit

In Dublin, AFA members have been rectifying these parasitical attempts to exploit the legacy of Bobby Sands.


No Quarter now available online

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