International Anti-Fascist News - England 13/3/09

Friday 13th for BNP in Leigh

The fascist British National Party (BNP) saw their plans to get an early start on the European election trail backfire on Friday 13th March 2009 at a rally in Leigh, near Wigan in England.  Leigh was chosen as it is a majority white, working class neighbourhood, just the sort of place that the facists think they can thrive and find recruits by spouting racist poison. However, the white working class of Leigh did themselves proud of the welcome that was given to Griffin and his minions.

Anti-fascists gathered outside the Ellesmere pub on St Helens Road a few hours before the BNP meeting. When the fascist cavalcade arrived, a BNP squad, armed with extendable truncheons, cricket bats and dogs suddenly jumped out their vehicles to confront and attack the small group of anti-fascists. Reinforcements quickly arrived to beat off the attack and, meeting like with like, left several of the fascists injured, all of them full-time BNP activists. In addition, one of the fascists vehicles was the subject of attention of anti-fascist DIY enthusiasts who left the car on getting-to-know-you terms with a tow truck.

As the BNP retreated behind a line of two dozen police, they were heard to complain that hammers had been used against them and that this was not "fair". Locals and other anti-fascists quickly gathered opposite the BNPs wrecked car and trailer, windscreen smashed, engine conked out, master race posters torn to shreds, to heckle, laugh and jeer.

Permanent, March 2009

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