Benefit gig weekend for anti-fascist prisoners

Derby, England 11-12 May


Italian police do fascists dirty work

 1st May 2010 - A Police-facilitated fascist attack on the May Day march in Naples, Italy is beaten off by anti-fascists. Police raids in the recent weeks following the attack have resulted in the jailing of two anti-fascists.

Full details here


England - Anti-fascists attend BNP Euro election campaign launch

13th March 2009 - The fascist British National Party (BNP) recently saw their plans to get an early start on the European election trail backfire at a rally in Leigh, near Wigan in England.   Full details here


Scotland - Rangers supporting fascists make "red hand" salutes in Israel

February 26th 2007 - A significant element of Rangers supporters in Tel Aviv, Israel were pictured making nazi salutes during a UEFA cup match against Hapoel. While the fascist element to Rangers support is well doucmented and long established, certain media commentators sought to excuse this exhibition by claiming the Rangers fascists were actually making "red hand" salutes. See article from Anderstown News here


 Spain - Madrid antifa remove fascist streetsigns

On 18 July 2006, on the 70th anniversary of the fascist attack against the popular and legitimate government of the Spanish Republic, antifascists in Madrid removed the Falangist street sign "Arriba Espana" and returned it to it's original name Plaza de Blasco Ibïnez. (18/7/06) Read more here

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