ICP candidates European and Local Elections 2004

Dublin: Cabra/Glasnevin Ward

Pat Talbot, who is known to no one in this ward, waxes lyrical about Irish sovereignty, mass immigration, multi-culturalism and an "Independent Ireland". He also claims concern about "jobs, housing, and welfare entitlements" and the greed of landlords. Just a bit odd then that he has never been seen or heard of working on any of these issues in the area, ever.

Strangely, Pat's leaflet calls on Dublin 7 residents to also vote for Aiden McMahon, who is doing the old Enoch Powell craic on the ICP's behalf in Dundalk. Don't think you can transfer votes between wards Pat!

Cork: South Central Ward

Ah yes, poor old Ted gives it another whirl. Ted Neville is Aine Ni Chonaill's sidekick in the Southern Capital. He managed to scrape together 371 votes (0.7%) in the 2002 general election. This time he is getting exercised about hospital and GP facilities and the cost of rent supplements for people on low incomes. Quite amazing that none of these candidates can find the time to address these issues BETWEEN elections, and other than in the context of blaming Black people for them. Interestingly Ted works as a Fire Safety Officer and has an interest in "Minority Sports" (which perhaps includes running as a serial freak in elections).

Dundalk - Ward 1

The Immigration Control Platform is standing three candidates in the local elections on June 11th, including Aidan McMahon who is standing in Ward 1 for Dundalk Town Council. "Immigration/asylum is a local issue" says ICP. "There has been an attempt to say that immigration/asylum should not be an electoral matter. On the contrary, all of the citizens, concerns are the stuff of the democratic process" (The Argus (Dundalk) 30th April 2004)

Aiden is of the opinion that “Asylum-seekers clog up our doctors’ surgeries, our post offices and our social services". Obviously an advocate of in-breeding, he wants Dundalk to be populated by "you and your kin", rather than 'refugees'. He seems unaware of the legal difference between asylum seekers and refugees. Playing on the old child hatred ploy, he moans on about "non-English speaking children" who are, apparently, "slowing down schools". Not a peep about lack of government investment in improving schools or social services though. Much easier to blame "the refugees".  

(AFA Note: Aidan McMahon ran as an anti-immigration Independent in Louth in the General Election in 2002, when he polled 294 votes, or 0.6%) 

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