The General’s Niece

Niece of crime boss Cahill using net to promote Irish racial hate and paganism
Irish Sunday Mirror - 30th June 2002

Martin Cahill’s gang held Dublin in a state of fear in the early 90s with a series of robberies and murders until republicans killed him in 1994. Now his niece is attempting to promote the ideas of race hate through her Women for Aryan Unity group whose motto is Securing Or Future One Child At A Time.

Vickey Cahill, 29, not only promotes the views of Adolf Hitler, but also pagan worship on her sickening website. The race hate monger also promotes her groups activities on other Nazi sites, proudly boasting of 12 years of commitment to ‘racial struggle’. Vicky is the daughter of The General’s brother and criminal associate Peter Cahill. Peter is well known to the Gardai not only for his vicious criminal past but also stupidity. During one armed robbery he fell off his getaway motorbike – outside a Garda station. Martin Cahill, who was the subject of two major movies, was renowned for his supposed stance against drugs. But his brother did not share such morals serving a lengthy sentence for heroin supply in the 80s.

But few could expect the racist path his swastika-wearing daughter would take. On the site she makes clear her groups support for race hate gangs around the world. These include the UK’s Combat 18 gang that has close links with loyalist paramilitaries and is widely held responsible for the soccer riot at Lansdowne Road in Dublin 1995. The 18 stands for the letters of the alphabet 1 A and H – initials of Adolf Hitler, the man whose evil ideas inspire not only these evil racists but also Cahill and her group. Cahill, who prefers to be known as ‘War Maiden’ founded her neo-nazi organisation with right-wing skinheads and Black Metal fanatics. On the website they boast of having "chapters of sisters throughout the world". But the race hate group seems to have little support beyond Cahill herself and a handful of right-wingers in the US, Australia and Finland.

The website begins with a "racial greeting to our brothers and sisters" which reveals their non-Christian beliefs. It says :" We remain dedicated to the cause, some our sisters are teenagers, in our 20s or in our 30s, also experienced and older women support us. We are Odinist, Pagan and Atheist." And nowhere on the site is there any remorse shown for their support for the wicked ideas that sent millions of people to their deaths in Hitler’s gas chambers. Instead it states "National Socialism is a mean whereby the world can be changed for the better." There is even a "White Family Day" raffle, where one of the prizes is a postage stamp issued in 1944 to commemorate Hitler’s 55th birthday "his last".

Cahill herself hides behind a PO box number that she grandly calls the group’s European headquarters. Fellow Nazis are encouraged to contact this address to order hate-filled magazines. Some of these mags carry stories on "racial heroines" such as Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun, others are sickeningly aimed at children. One set of magazines is called "Little Warriors". The section of the site advertising these stories contains a picture of a group of smiling children giving the Hitler salute in front of a picture of the dictator. Comments on the site about the book include: "Little Warriors is not one to be missed!" Geared towards children of all ages, "Little Warriors" focuses on activities which will get the children "out from in front of the television, and get their little minds working."

The site is swamped with swastikas and other nazi symbols. It even contains a photo gallery where the ‘pride of Aryan womanhood’ can be seen giving nazi salutes and showing off their tattoos. Cahill herself proudly brandishes a full length tattoo on her leg that is a pattern of intertwined shamrocks and a Nazi symbol.

But beside the colouring books for children and pictures of smiling young shorthaired women the site also promotes pagan worship. One magazine contains an article promoting the "need for human sacrifice claiming it is character building experience". It goes on to say that "human culling is both beneficial for nature (since it proves the weak and unsuitable individual) and for the individual who does the culling since it is a character building experience. Naturally there are proper ways to chose who is to be culled, each victim is chosen because they have shown themselves suitable". The sick rant finishes with the words "Hail Satan, the iron spear of destiny".

Cahills tattoo -Odin meets Darby O'Gill

One of the group’s aims is to raise money for "Aryan prisoners throughout the world". These include members of the evil American prison gang the Aryan Nations who are renowned for their brutality. In this they proudly announce the help of such groups as the European White Knights of the KKK. In another section Cahill tells of taking her racist friends on tours of Ireland where they marvel our ‘white Aryan heritage.’ In one piece she writes of the visit of an Australian Nazi: "Myself and another comrade had the opportunity to show one of our WAU sisters from Australia around out country. Most aren’t lucky enough to be able to show off the glorious visions Ireland is home to. Miles and miles of mountains untouched by humanity, no houses or animals adorn these masterpieces, only beautiful lakes where you can dream of Warriors past and their Klans resting on these shores".

Cahill has been involved in the right wing European skinhead scene for years. In the mid 1990s she promoted the Dublin-based race hate rock group Celtic Dawn. The band eventually disbanded because venues refused to let them play. This was not before Cahill had managed to secure them a record deal through Nazi friends in Europe which allowed them to bring their twisted songs to a wider audience. But in recent times Cahill has become worried by the "behaviour of some Irish women". She added: "It seems that the latest accessory for the trendy Irish women is a non-white on their arm". Maybe this is why in recent months Cahill has spent most of her time in New York with her 6ft 5in skinhead lover.

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