Shitheap Gallery - Derrick Turner 

Irish Nazi, the Unionist MPs and the British Tories

 Irish Navy infiltrator and Nazi/loyalist agent Derek Turner

Derrick Turner was investigated by the Garda in 1988, when he was working at the Irish Navy base in Hawlboline, Co. Cork. Turner was the leader of a tiny fascist group, the "Social Action Initiative", and was suspected of passing naval communications to the UDA in Belfast. During the investigation it was found that he had met National Front leaders at the UDA'a headquarters. The following year Turner went to London, where he was photographed taking part in a National Front demonstration.

After changing his name to Derek, he turned up in the Conservative Party becoming editor of Right Now!, a far-right rag for the 'respectable' Tory right and bridge to hard line nazis outside the Party. Typical articles advocated the break up of the U.S.A. into several Yugoslavia-style ethnically pure states, praise for France's would-be Fuehrer Le Pen, forced labour for prisoners and that old favourite "bring back hanging". Veteran fascists like Joy Page have been regulars at Right Now! meetings.

Although Turner claimed his views have moderated over the years, his words say otherwise. In the Salisbury Review (another British ultra-right journal) he attacked the "liberal notions" of "mixed race intellectuals" and a look at the people he has persuaded to act as patrons for Right Now! is instructive.

American journalist Samuel Francis was sacked from the right wing Washington Times for promoting white racism at an extremist conference. Another patron, Professor Dwight D Murphy, is a Kansas academic who made his name writing a history of lynchings. The magazine's American distributor is Mark Cotterill, a man with links to both the National Front and Combat 18 and who worked with the Council of Conservative Citizens. This organisation grew out of the White Citizens' Councils which attacked the civil rights movement and defended racial segregation in the 1960s.

At least eight Tory MPs were associated with Turner's outfit. One of them,  "Sir" Richard Body gave a talk at a Right Now! meeting which was described in the magazine thus: "Sir Richard reminded us of the difficulties usually faced by federal, polyethnic, multilingual, multicultural states, citing the example of Yugoslavia as what can happen at worst, and pointing darkly to the present stresses and strains in the United States and Australia, as indicators of trouble ahead as their Anglo-Saxon culture is supplanted by other, less tolerant, cultures"

Other MPs who have spoken at its meetings (in rooms at the House of Commons) are Deputy DUP leader Peter Robinson and Orange Grand Master Martin Smyth. Why are we not surprised?


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