Bride of Dracula seeks to do her Masters bidding 

Vicky Cahill and her WAU (Women for Aryan Unity) group have been involved in a ghoulish squabble over the remains of nazi icon David Lane who died in May 2007 in a American federal prison at the age of 68. Lane was serving a 190-year sentence for involvement in the murder of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg, who was murdered in his driveway in 1984 by Lane and other members of the Bruders Schweigen, or Silent Brotherhood, more commonly known as The Order. Lane, a onetime member of the Ku Klux Klan, was a founding member of the group and served as the getaway driver in the murder.

While in prison, Lane became revered among white nationalists and is perhaps best known for coining the so-called “14 Words”  “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”. After his death WAU created a memorial fund to have Lane’s ashes stored in the capstone of a pyramid monument to be erected in a white homeland, per Lane’s wishes. Unable to raise enough money for a full-sized pyramid they decided to apportion Lane’s ashes among 14 miniature pyramids – one for each of the 14 Words. Each of the puny pyramids was to be enshrined in the homes of 14 white nationalist women, including Cahill.

However, the WAU coven quickly began feuding over their masters mortal with Cahill being accused of "showing off (!)” with Lane’s remains at nazi events. Cahills faction called for a boycott of a proposed “ash spreading memorial services” for Lane in Australia with Cahill vowing to reclaim the ashes before said proceedings can proceed. “If I have to make my way to Australia to get these ashes I will,” she wrote, adding that she "will be contacting the bruders about this”.

With the Australian nazis having supposedly sent “rape threats, threats of beatings” to Cahill and other WAU members in response it looks like interesting times ahead for the "bruders" and sisters!

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