AFA Clean-up in Dublin 

On Saturday 22nd March 2003 AFA organised a group of supporters and local residents to remove racist/fascist graffiti in the Croke Villas area of Ballybough and side streets in the North Strand area. Local information suggested that this was the work of a lone individual and AFA members leafletted the area in small coordinated groups in a follow up action a few weeks later. The leafletting went off without incident but just as most members were reassembled at regrouping point, a lone member walked towards us making curious gestures. As AFA members approached, it became apparent that the bait had worked as a bare chested fuckwit with a friend were bellowing threats and following our comrade.

The sight of the fuckwits shock as his macho posturing evaporated to brown-trousered terror was priceless. Escaping an AFA pincer movement by seconds, the clown fled towards his rat hole. Locals alerted by the commotion informed us that the individual was a known drug dealer and requested that the matter be left in their hands. Result - no more fascist graffitti and one less drug dealer in the neighbourhood, all in all not a bad nights work!

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