AFA hunt down "Celtic Wolves"

Saturday 3rd June 2006 saw a failed attempt by the cyber-nazi movement in Ireland, the so-called "Celtic Wolves", to emerge from behind their keyboards into the real world. AFA members rumbled their "national meeting" and the bewildered fash, far from being hostile witnesses, readily divulged their personal details to their interrogators before being chased back to their virtual Valhalla.

Buttocks firmly clenched, the wolf pack retreats

The self-styled "Celtic Wolves" have been throwing shapes and threatening to get all active recently despite their getting a battering from AFA members the last time they surfaced in UCD in support of right-wing wingnut Justin Barrett in October 2004. From monitoring posts on fascist websites, all indications were that a few boneheads have been angling to spend some "quality time" in public together as a chance to get out from behind their computers.

They managed to achieve this recently with a booze-up in Cork which was notable for the presence of a number of overseas nazis. Recent months have also seen a number of lampposts in Dublin sidestreets festooned with homemade Celtic Wolves stickers urging users of back alleys and sidestreets to prepare for race war and the usual cowardly poison.

Acting on reports, AFA members confronted four of the so-called "Celtic Wolves" in a city centre pub in a Dublin city and after a brief but frank discussion, the boneheads acted on the anti-fascists advice to abandon their meeting and leave the pub. Emerging from the pub, the fash were provided with an escort to O'Connell St. AFA is aware that following the 'Love Ulster' fiasco, the mean streets of Dublin can sometimes be less than accommodating to the national socialist element in the North who supported that particular outing. So we were a little concerned at how four boneheads openly sporting Nazi t-shirts and badges might be received. The bones seemed not to appreciate our concern and on reaching what they presumed to be the 'comfort zone' of a packed O'Connell St felt confident enough to shout something about "red scum" before high-tailing it towards the Liffey.

Enticed by the prospect of further political debate, anti-fascists followed. Disaster was then heaped upon disaster for these specimens of the master race as they were repeatedly battered as they attempted to evade further attention. The final ignimony came when two of them, having abandoned their comrades to their fate, jumped into a taxi and to a hoped-for speedy exit from the fray.

Unfortunately for them, not quickly enough. Stuck in traffic and with the windows rolled down, the generous bones invited and received a farewell barrage of blows from the obliging anti-fascists.

 Every fascist for himself as panic setting in

As their attempted meeting had been in the planning stages for quite some time, Saturday's events will no doubt represent a serious setback to future attempts at organising. We are confident that it will be a long time before these clowns recover enough to gather "forces" from across the country in Dublin and indeed information recently received indicates that two of the individuals involved have allegedy severed all links to the kameraden and renounced fascism. Time will tell!

In the meantime, AFA will continue to actively hunt down any Celtic wolves, badgers, etc wherever they try to emerge from the sewers. The name “Celtic Wolves” will prove prophetic – remember the last of our real native wolves (not that we’ve anything against the furry kind) were hunted to extinction in the 18th century.

Is fear rith maith ná drochsheasamh!
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