Fascist piss-up ends in court
Wicklow, 5 December 2007

Jack Cummins- Lupus Celticus

Jack Cummins (20) of Ballyfaskin, Ballylanders, Limerick appeared before Wicklow District Court today on a charge of distributing threatening and abusive material, namely neo-nazi flags and paraphernalia The charge arose from a “camp out” in the Wicklow mountains of neo-Nazi outfit, Celtic Wolves, in September. The case was deferred from a previous sitting of the District Court two weeks ago, where convictions were secured against three other kameraden.

Cummins was accompanied in court by his mother and his solicitor. Garda Donal O’Sullivan outlined the events leading to the arrest of Cummins and submitted in evidence one of the flags seized. The judge, however, declined the offer of a closer inspection of the offending object. During Garda evidence, a female member of the public appearing in a separate case and sitting in the gallery was twice heard to utter audibly the word “scumbag” in reference to Cummins, much to the amusement of this reporter but to the apparent indifference of the judge and Gardai who overheard it! After a short hearing, the judge ordered Cummins to pay €500 into the Garda Benevolent Fund.

Support in court for Cummins from other Wolves was noticeable by its absence, AFA was interested to note. This, despite calls for support in court for the defendants on one fascist message board, and the fact that a co-defendant lives literally yards from the courthouse in Wicklow town. Nice show of solidarity, lads! 



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