Celtic Wolves come a c(r)opper again

Driven to the wilds by AFA, the Celtic Wolves proved unable to even organise a piss-up on a mountain successfully.

Drawn by reports of loud-mouthed, obnoxious behaviour,  Gardai arrived on the scene in Wicklow on September 9th 2007.  Six pissed nazis were found dirtying the countryside, sitting around a camp fire in the Ballinastoe woods with various nazi flags offending the rural setting such as Afrikaner supremacist flag, a swastika, a celtic wolves flag (a tricolour with a celtic cross and wolf on it).

Told to clear off, three (non-Irish) Celtic Wolves duly obeyed the three home-grown nazis were more reluctant (or more pissed) and failed to move. All six were charged with distribution/possesion of material that was threatening and abusive and other public order offences. The eurotrash; Miroslav Dombai, Frantisek Janostak and Frantisek Julius had their charges dismissed. The Irish were convicted; Denis Kavanagh 32 of 58 Main Street, Wicklow and Kieran McNeill 19 Clonthread, Moate, Co. Westmeath getting sentenced to two months in prison and fined 600 euros, both appealed and were released on 3000 euro bail. Jack Cummins Ballyfaskin, Ballylanders, Limerick had his case adjourned to December 5 after a medical cert was handed in on his behalf.

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